Karin Counet Meerssen Netherlands.

For as long as I can remember I have always been active in the creative arts. I taught myself painting and sculpting and have also taken courses and workshops given by other artists and institutes. In addition to these I gained further knowledge and I will continue with following lessons, for me it's an eternal process.

I followed also the education 'Creative Photo Art' ad the Academie for Art in Belgium. Because photography is anonther passion of me

Group exhibition d'n Horstgraaf Venlo 2003

Group exhibition in the Nederweert Town Hall 2000

Several exhibitions with the Cranendonck Beeldhouw Collectief

Several exhibitions with the Beeldhouwers Collectief Nederweert

Group exhibition "Sculpturen in Beeld" in Teuniskapel Weert, novemeber 2010.

Group exhibition 'Kunstproeven' in artgalerie/shop in Stein, december 2010 until 14 juin 2011.

Particpation Art Event Fruhlingspromenade Schloss Merode Germany, mai 2011.

Participation International Art Event Maastricht, august 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Participation International Art Event Herzogenrath Germany, september 2011.

Group Exhibition Insieme, Teuniskapel Weert, november 2011.

Group Exhibition Grafiek Salon at Galerie Geja Maastricht, november 2011.

Exhibition Academie of Art Maasmechelen Belgium, 2016.